Happy Holidays 2017

Happy Holidays to my friends and blog-readers! This has been quite a month with the Thomas Fire consuming our attention. But keep in mind the holidays that most women were attending to: Chanukah began Tuesday, December 12th and ended in the evening of Wednesday, December 20th. Friends who were evacuated stayed with us through this holiday … Read More

A High Stakes, Big-Impact Presentation Benefits from a Professional Coach (The Likability Penalty Part 3)

While few of us will run for office, those of us in business or professional life often need to “campaign” for funding, endorsements, or promotions. To advance our cause, we need to become dynamic speakers. Overcoming public speaking anxiety isn’t rocket science requiring clinical interventions. People who are motivated can become more self-confident speakers if they … Read More

The Likability Penalty – Part 1

The most common reason given by registered voters for not voting on Election Day, Tuesday November 7, 2017, was that they didn’t like the candidates. Hillary Clinton should have won the Presidency and made history as the first woman President of the United States. Candidate Clinton had a killer resume: Secretary of State, two terms as … Read More

Rising to the Occasion: Stressed but Ready to Speak Up!

The dictionary defines “rising to the occasion” as showing that “you have the courage and wits to deal with a difficult situation successfully.” In these contentious times, speaking up to express an opinion can become a difficult situation. From congregations to campuses, friends, colleagues, couples, and even whole families have felt deep divisions after the Presidential … Read More

Present yourself “on air”: What makes a good interview?

Do you have a new project or product that would be interesting to clients, customers, subscribers, or investors? An interview-whether via podcast or during a studio interview-is a great way to get the word out, but prepare yourself. You’re not saying “yes” to having a casual conversation. Good interviewers such as Terry Gross (Fresh Air) and … Read More

Campaigns make the Candidates Face it!

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump raised eyebrows when he ridiculed opponent Carly Fiorina’s face in an interview with Rolling Stone. “Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?” he was quoted as saying. Trump later massaged the situation by maintaining he had not criticized her appearance, saying he was actually referring to her “persona.”[1] He … Read More

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