In the Case of Texas Senator Wendy Davis’ Heroic Filibuster

Consider the case of Texas Senator Wendy Davis as a barometer reflecting much of the country’s attitudes towards women. Davis is an outspoken feminist seeking to be Governor of Texas. Davis.  She speaks her mind, takes a stand on issues beyond home and hearth, and is independent thinker. With a degree from Harvard Law, Davis is … Read More

Got Mockery? The Marathon Press Conference That Made Things Worse

Have you been keeping tabs on the drama that is unfolding in New Jersey?  As someone who coaches executive leaders in designing and delivering high-level public presentations, I found the two-hour press conference given by Governor Chris Christie addictive. “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee, New Jersey” [1] To summarize, private messages sent via email between … Read More

Image is In The “I” of the Beholder

What would you do if a commissioned portrait didn’t look like you, or at least, not the way you thought you looked? A wonderful article about Jamie Wyeth’s controversial portrait of Cardiac Pioneer Dr. Helen Brooke Taussig makes me think about the issue of one’s image and how women want and need to control one’s image. … Read More

On The Air: 5 Tips for Authors About to Be Interviewed

Penguin and Random House first announced their plans to merge last October, demonstrating a trend in the industry. What that means for authors in today’s turbulent publishing world is that there isn’t the marketing department of days gone by. Today’s authors are expected to help market their books every which way, and in addition to using … Read More

What Speakers Can Learn from Dr. Joyce Brothers

After a 60 year career, Dr. Joyce Brothers, died Monday May 13. Joyce Brothers became a positive role model for all modern women, particularly those in communication roles, industries, and fields. Gallup indicated she was one of America’s most admired women. Those of us interested in learning how to remain cool, calm, and articulate when we … Read More

Will Sheryl Sandberg “Lean In?”

Like it or not, life is a daily series of negotiations and each affects us. You and I negotiate all the time, with “significant others,” children, clients, noisy neighbors, and even competitors. We re-finance our homes and shop around. We are surprised by a mechanic’s bill that doubled his estimate. A vendor says he can’t meet … Read More

Finally, a “Real” Candidate

“I’m going to do this. I’m running for the US Senate.” Elizabeth Warren looks directly at the camera and tells us that she’s ready. She talks to us as if we’re old friends. She sounds like the voice of reason. The middle class has suffered enough and it’s time for a change. True, it sounds a … Read More

When In Doubt, Always Be Generous

By Lois Phillips, PhD Let’s face it: even with good intentions, misunderstandings do occur, whether with a new client or customer or even with people who know you well. Misunderstandings can lead to the loss of an ally, a muse, or friend. Misunderstandings are aggravating, causing sleepless nights, stress, and anxiety about meeting up at work … Read More

You’re not so special, or are you? The commencement speech that went viral.

Graduations are ceremonial occasions that combine the moment when degrees are conferred with an inspirational and congratulatory commencement address. Years later, most people don’t remember who the speaker was or what he or she said. Wellesley High School English teacher and commencement speaker David McCullough Jr. recently delivered an address that will be the exception. He … Read More

To Turn Downturn Into Upturn: Cherchez la Femme!

By Lois Phillips, Phd, with Sarah Soto MS Traditional male-centric business practices as well as unregulated policies imposed on our modern society got us in to this global recession. In other words: Men got us into this mess. Women need to help get us out. There’s significant evidence that a faster, better path to recovery might … Read More

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