WomenSpeak Podcast

Women must establish credibility as the voice of authority before audiences will listen, but how can we do that? What strategies will help us achieve leadership positions and larger life goals? Stereotypes taught generations that “silence is golden”- but only when men do all the talking. Lois has an interesting frame for encouraging women to speak … Read More

Women’s Brainpower vs. Men’s Power

By Lois Phillips, PhD, Educational Consultant, 08/26/11 August 26 was Women’s Equality Day [1] but how far have women advanced really, and should we remain optimistic that women will continue to advance into top leadership roles? In “Sonic Boom: Globalization at Match Speed” Gregg Easterbrook is optimistic, predicting five future trends so enormous in scale that … Read More

Remembering That When Women Spoke Up, They Changed History

By Lois Phillips, Ph.D. August 26th is “Women’s Equality Day,” and it’s good to remember how far we’ve come. Think about the frustration that accompanied this statement from centuries gone by: “… only by robbing woman of all her intellectual and creative resources can man protect his usurped power. He will not even let you speak … Read More

Do we need a Commission to Provide Positive Images for Women and Girls?

Do We Need a Commission To Provide Positive Images for Women and Girls? Oscar-winning actress Geena Davis joined Senator Kay Hagan and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin on Capitol Hill July 13 to introduce a bill that would support efforts to improve the image of girls and women in the media. http://politic365.com/2011/05/09/geena-davis-former-fcc-commissioner-deborah-taylor-tate-launch-groundbreaking-commission-on-media-images/ The National Taskforce on Women and … Read More

Writing Op Ed Pieces: Progressive Women Need to Be Heard, If Not Seen

Lois Phillips, PhD, Strategic Change Associates Communications and Strategic Planning Consultant April 21, 2011 In today’s polarized world, extremists delight in escalating current controversies, pouring a plethora of verbiage into the media, whipping social commentary into tornadoes of misunderstanding. This unending line-up of commentators rant and rave, over-simplifying issues into flat dichotomies with black-and-white, good-and-evil thinking, … Read More

Getting Emotional: Why John Can but Hillary Can’t

by Lois Phillips, PhD It’s no surprise to women today that men in public life have greater choices about the way they present themselves on camera and to the press. You may recall that many leaders have been captured on camera displaying what used to be called feminine displays of emotion with no negative consequences; for … Read More

Branding Mama Grizzly as Candidate: What century is this?

When a woman takes the podium, listeners are evaluating her ability to present on a particular topic and, consciously or not, are measuring her against feminine stereotypes: there are Ethnic Stereotypes such as the overprotective Jewish Mother and the icy cold WASP mother, Welfare Mothers, Queen Bees, and Teen Mothers. And now we have the “Mama … Read More

Boxer and Fiorina Debate

In George Skelton’s review of the debate between Carly Fiorina and Senator Barbara Boxer  http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-cap-20100906,0,3045614,print.column he indicates that Boxer needs to hone her debate skills. Skelton believed that Boxer seemed disjointed, she used jargon, she didn’t connect with the audience. Fiorina was cool, calm, and unrelenting in her criticisms. In “Women Seen and Heard: Lessons Learned from … Read More

Sarah Palin Queen of Sneer

Women today with something to offer society need to stand up and speak up. After all, women have a particular interest in issues – such as child care, family leave, reproductive choice, earning a competitive wage, and even achieving peace in the world–that are less compelling to men. When they stand together, women will cross party … Read More

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