Lois-Phillips-BooksLois Phillips is a dynamic public speaker whose clients say she “practices what she teaches.” Her academic background combines with executive experience to inform her training and coaching. Using principles gained from interviews with successful speakers and outlined in “Women Seen and Heard: Lessons Learned from Successful Speakers” she provides coaching and training to spokespersons, managers and executives. Dr. Phillips has a special interest in advancing women’s careers, companies, and Board leadership and has produced conferences on women’s leadership, produced and moderated two television programs about women’s changing roles, and has years of conference presentations to complement her academic research.

Save time and ensure success by investing in communication training that targets your skill level and focuses on your needs. You will practice and rehearse using media technology to increase poise and self-confidence, either through one-on-one coaching or group coaching seminars. Seminar topics include:

Persuasive Presentation Skills and Spokesperson Training for Managers, Leaders, and Board Members
o Become a Dynamic Memorable Public Speaker
o Manage Gender and cross-cultural issues
o Make the Pitch! Speaking to donors and foundations
o Engage and gain endorsement from key stakeholders

Meet the Media Training and “Boot Camp”: Videotaped Training
o Prepare your critical remarks, message points, and sound bites
o Improve non verbal communication skills
o Make your point & staying on point
o Prepare the “hook,” headlines, stories, and anecdotes
o Handle difficult questions and staying cool

Facilitating Meetings:
o Plan for the right people, the right issues, background material, using decision-making tools
o Learn how to open and close a meeting that stays “on purpose”
o Handling difficult people and difficult questions
o Planning for a Negotiation with clear goals and a fair process

*Lois Phillips earned her BA from Queens College in New York, her MA Education from University of Massachusetts- Amherst, and her PhD from UCSB in 1986. See Testimonials Section.
Contact Lois at Tel:805-637-3959 (cell)