Work with Lois

Boot Camp: Pitch 101

Is your presentation pitch perfect? In one day you will learn 6 keys to preparing a dynamic and memorable persuasive presentation, to include: Clarifying your Purpose
3-5 Key Message Points
Visual Aids
Must -Have Takeaways
Powerful Non Verbal Communication
8:00-4:00pm via Zoom
$1500 per person or $5,000 per small group


A speech is not a memo. Annual reports, commencement addresses, budget updates and the pitch to investors need to be polished and strategic. The speaker needs to be lively and sound conversational while rising to the occasion. Key messages should be developed with anecdotes, examples, and stories to enhance key points. The language chosen should reflect your voice and style, allowing you to be comfortable expressing your ideas, opinions, and proposals. Dr. Phillips will revise and expand upon your notes or craft your presentation from a blank page, working closely with you.
A flat fee or hourly fee will be proposed depending on the assignment.


People are often anxious about high stakes, high impact presentations for good reason. All the more reason to hire a speech coach to help you prepare to find and develop your key message points, and save time in doing so. Topics include tips for speaking via teleconference or zoom, feedback on your delivery style (including non-verbal communication and voice variety), and suggestions for areas of improvement. As an added value, specific worksheets, outlines, and templates are provided.
An initial interview will allow the client and coach to decide on the needs and the action plan.