bigstock-Multi-ethnic-co-workers-sittin-27197474“It was a real pleasure to work with you as a presenter on the subject of Delivering Dynamic Presentations and I hope we can do another program together in the near future.” Michelle Myers, Conference Producer, Progressive Business Audio-Conferences

“After attending your training sessions on public speaking, City of Santa Barbara employees are more prepared in their presentations to City Council and various boards! Thank you for developing a curriculum that would help employees with different levels of responsibility and varying confidence levels improve their speaking skills. We were excited that we received very positive feedback from our participants.”Nina Johnson, Assistant to the City Administrator for Organizational Development, City of Santa Barbara

“Thank you for serving as a faculty member for the ‘Cultural Differences in Management Styles’ course at CJER’s 2005 Statewide Conference on Race and Ethnic Bias in the California Courts. On behalf of the CJER Governing Committee and the Statewide Conference on Race and Ethnic Bias in the California Courts Planning Committee, we extend our sincere gratitude for your generous and continuing contribution to the education of the California judiciary.” Michael Roosevelt, Program Manager, Judicial Council of California, Education Division/Center for Judicial Education and Research

“The presentation skills’ training was probably the most effective staff training program we have been associated with. Staff was very receptive of the program and Lois, and felt that this was extremely useful and practical to their work at the City, as well as providing them skills that may benefit in their ability to move up within the organization. The feedback we received from staff has been extremely positive. Already, we have seen a marked improvement in presentation skills in front of boards, commissions, and even at our quarterly Land Development Team meetings. From the very successful kickoff meeting to the end, we couldn’t be more enthusiastic in our support of the accomplishments this training has provided.” Paul Casey, Community Development Director, City of Santa Barbara

“What a delight you are: interesting, charismatic, funny…loved your South Coast Business Network talk, as did everyone there.” Katie Silsbury, Business Financial Advisor, American Express

“From the feedback, it seems as if you gave participants some very concrete, useful information which people were able to apply in the small group exercise.” Terrie Furukawa, Ph.D., Academic and Staff Assistance Program, Human Resources, UCSB

“Your presentation, ‘Building Tomorrow’s Learning Organization Today’, received very favorable comments by the participants. You are clearly enjoyed by the Santa Barbara nonprofit community!”
Sandy Grasso, Executive Director, Nonprofit Agency Support Center of Santa Barbara

“Thanks so much for your many hours of work to pull off what proved to be an outstanding dinner event. It was a wonderful evening and you contributed greatly to the success of the event…your commitment and your leadership are a real asset to UCSB.” Jules Zimmer, Dean, Graduate School of Education, UCSB

“When I saw your public speaking workshop, it was like an answer to a prayer. We all got a lot out of it. We now have the confidence with your insights and techniques, that we can generate a first class presentation.” Bill Scarborough, CEO, Scarborough Faire

“You inspired us all with the determination and ‘can do’ attitude you brought to the telecommuting project. Ventura College is fortunate in being the benefactor of your skill and capability. On behalf of our professional association, I thank you again for a very timely, pleasant, and worthwhile  presentation.” Carole Clarke, Secretary, Society for Technical Communication, Santa Barbara Chapter

“I want to extend our sincere thanks for your dedication and service in the presentation ‘Total Quality Meetings’. The feedback from several people suggested that you delivered some significant ideas concerning teams and how to hold meetings. Additionally, the participants were very impressed with your speaking and presentation abilities. Again, thanks for your willingness to add a spark to these turbulent times.” J. Scott Burd, Vice President, Association for Quality and Participation, Gold Coast Chapter

“Your speech, as usual, was lively and moving. It was just exactly right, Lois, and I appreciate your willingness to be a part of this important 20th anniversary event. I know that a large part of the ‘draw’ was the fact that you were honored as founding Director of the Santa Barbara campus. To many alums, you are Antioch Santa Barbara.”Donna S. Starr, Dean for Administrative Services, Antioch University Southern California

“People were eager to hear you and the topic was of importance. And, as usual, you were great. The Boa rd of Directors all expressed enthusiasm about your presentation.” Kerry McCoy Andrade, Vice President, Programs, Santa Barbara Personnel Association

“Your generosity in sharing your expertise and experience in the field of multicultural diversity is greatly appreciated. The participant evaluations indicated that the conference was a great success.”
Rosalind Schwartz, Assistant Director for Management Research and Education and Phyllis Meltzer, Management Center Associate, UCLA Institute of Industrial Relations

“Your effort and experience during our Training and Development session were very helpful and all of the feedback from the peers was positive and enthusiastic. We learned a great deal about ourselves, our potential and how we can improve our performance. Through this workshop, we have become less fearful of public speaking and we have learned to focus more on ourselves as capable and responsible presenters.” Julie A. Davis, Applied Learning Peer Leader, Counseling and Career Services, UCSB

“Thank you for your presentation, ‘Fragmentia in the Marketplace’. As evidenced by audience participation the various ideas and scope of material was well matched to the needs of the audience. Our members and guests gained valuable insight and understanding which will serve them professionally.” Sam Spreitz, Director, Purchasing Management Association, Santa Barbara

“Evaluations on the presentation, titled ‘Fragmentia’, were excellent indicating that the topic was timely, Lois was well prepared,  and that the presentation was beneficial to those in attendance. Participant comments were positive and included 1) Excellent, practical, helpful, ‘ 2) I needed this session. Now I don’t feel so crazy! 3) Great speaker. I could personally relate to what she had to present, and 4) I would highly recommend Lois’ services to others.” Jane G. Craven, Assistant Dean, Admissions and Records, Santa Barbara City College

“Great program on Gender Differences in Public Speaking. Lois Phillips handles a sensitive, yet vitally important subject, before a…how do I say…somewhat ‘traditional’ group of men, with confidence, clarity, style and tact. She addressed us in a way that kept my interest and made me WANT to listen. I really enjoyed it. It was a worthwhile program!!!!” Bob Fatch, Santa Barbara Rotary