When you stand up to speak up,
will you make an impact?
Will you be remembered for what
you said and how you made people feel?

A New Monograph by Lois Phillips

Be inspired! A very readable overview of how courageous and brilliant outspoken women changed the world, now available in print and on Kindle.


Lois Phillips, PhD

Lois Phillips has a range of enthusiastic clients including faculty members, doctors, lawyers, and political candidates who say “she models what she preaches.” She has been a dynamic keynote speaker for governmental and professional associations and staff development programs at colleges. She has extensive media experience having hosted two cable TV talk shows and one NPR Talk Show, training professionals in how to speak to the media. Dr. Phillips experience in strategic planning facilitation allows her to think strategically about all communication venues, whether helping an executive team develop focus or coaching an executive speaker. Dr. Phillips also has had op-ed columns published on current issues such as the economy, the media, and women in politics. With research on women’s rhetoric and gender differences, Dr. Phillips has produced Women Seen and Heard podcasts and co-authored The Women Seen and Heard series with Dr. Anita Perez Ferguson,  and recently wrote The History of Women Speakers: When Women Speak Up They Change History.

Books by Lois

Feel confident, save time and stay focused.
Learn how to confidently speak up so others hear, see and remember you.

Telling the truth is critical for an organization to succeed and a democracy to thrive. When you share facts, listeners need to trust you. We remember the speaker who wrapped her arms around the subject, gave it a human face, told us something new, made us feel smarter, stronger, optimistic, ready to face a complicated high-tech, global future.



Presentations are a powerful way to connect and build trusting relationships with your key stakeholders, Board of Directors, top team, clients, investors or donors, the press, and the public. You get one chance to make that first impression when you pitch your IPO, deliver your annual report, pull a team together, deal with a controversy or correct disinformation.  A high stakes, big impact presentation demands a strategy and time to prepare your remarks, from the way you open  to the way you close. Your remarks need to be on point and on purpose but you’re busy juggling competing priorities. Why not ask a specialist for help?  You’ll save time and ensure your success. A speechwriter will: 

  • Identify the single most important goal of your talk
  • Develop a strategy for organizing your content
  • Make technical data come alive with examples and stories that enhance your message.  

In addition, a speech coach will show executive clients how to use vocal variety, pausing, gestures, eye contact, and body language for dramatic effect to ensure you connect with people.


The Women Seen and Heard Podcast

Listen to ten 5 minute podcasts and learn tips for becoming more dynamic available here…

Work with Lois

Boot Camp: Pitch 101

Is your presentation pitch perfect? In one day you will learn 6 keys to preparing a dynamic and memorable persuasive presentation, to include: Clarifying your Purpose
3-5 Key Message Points
Visual Aids
Must -Have Takeaways
Powerful Non Verbal Communication
8:00-4:00pm via Zoom
$1500 per person or $5,000 per small group


A speech is not a memo. Annual reports, commencement addresses, budget updates and the pitch to investors need to be polished and strategic. The speaker needs to be lively and sound conversational while rising to the occasion. Key messages should be developed with anecdotes, examples, and stories to enhance key points. The language chosen should reflect your voice and style, allowing you to be comfortable expressing your ideas, opinions, and proposals. Dr. Phillips will revise and expand upon your notes or craft your presentation from a blank page, working closely with you.
A flat fee or hourly fee will be proposed depending on the assignment.


People are often anxious about high stakes, high impact presentations for good reason. All the more reason to hire a speech coach to help you prepare to find and develop your key message points, and save time in doing so. Topics include tips for speaking via teleconference or zoom, feedback on your delivery style (including non-verbal communication and voice variety), and suggestions for areas of improvement. As an added value, specific worksheets, outlines, and templates are provided.
An initial interview will allow the client and coach to decide on the needs and the action plan.