During speech“From The Briefing to The Pitch”

  • Lois is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in the field of communication. Great class, great teacher!
  • Our instructor was engaging and attentive. She wanted to help and knew her stuff.
  • The instructor’s expertise was very credible and it made me trust her.
  • Excellent relate-ability…a lot of information to cover in a one-day course but I feel like all the key points were covered.
  • Very useful class (with) tools I can use in many situations.

From the Briefing to the Pitch: UCSB Extension course, July 2010. From the Briefing to the Pitch is a one-day course preparing working adults for a range of workplace communication situations with an emphasis on (1) being persuasive and influential and (2) ‘thinking on your feet.’ Lectures were combined with case studies, assignments, and simulated meetings as practice sessions with feedback.