bigstock-Lecture-2022636“Thank you so much for speaking at our program for Santa Barbara Women Lawyers and Women’s Economic Ventures. I have received several calls and comments from people indicating how much they enjoyed the program and the evening. I hope that this is only the first time these two groups will have the opportunity to hear you speak” Linda K. Ford for Hatch and Parent Law Offices

“…A great big thank you for facilitating the truly outstanding workshop for professional women titled  ‘Fragmentia!’. The average program evaluation score was a 9 on a scale of 1-10. Your presentation was very well received, as exemplified by such typical comments as 1) Facilitator Lois Phillips was incredibly well prepared; marvelous presenter’ and 2) ‘This was the most marvelous program of the year. Bravo, bravo! We were so pleased to have you come to UCD; I was exhilarated at the day’s end.” Marti Hanna, Acting Director, Women’s Resources and Research Center, UC Davis

“Your participation in our Focus on Your Future Conference as a technology panelist helped to create an atmosphere that was not only informative, but inspirational for all who attended. The PWA received many positive responses regarding the ‘Women in Technology’ forum and the impact that it made upon our members.” Adrienne Sciacca, Business Manager and Professional Women’s Association Officer, Graduate School of Education, UCSB

“We want to thank you for speaking at our fall luncheon. You were so inspiring and we know that all who attended left with the understanding that no matter what comes, we can weather the storms and persevere. Everyone we’ve talked to has said they had a wonderful time.” Michelle Crawford and Kathy Davis, Co-Chairs, UCSB Professional Women’s Association

“THANKS for being our keynote speaker at the Annual Meeting. I have heard from many who attended that they found your remarks insightful and very interesting. Of course, I wish I had heard you speak before I spoke, as you had several really useful pointers. I agree that we cannot overemphasize the need for women to both collectively and individually find their voice, and yours was a powerful reminder of the ways we can all work toward that goal.” Alissa Hummer, President, Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation for your wonderful talk, woven beautifully between our theme and that of your new book ‘Women Seen and Heard.’ Your speech was both inspiring and most relevant to the theme of ‘Women: Inspiring Hope and Possibility.’ We have received many positive comments about the event and your speech in particular, and we thank you again for your important role in making this event possible.”Stacy Shepherd, President, Friends of the Commission for Women and Sonia Kroth, Chair, Santa Barbara County Commission for Women

“Your topic, Women Seen and Heard: How Presentation Skills Enhance your Credibility as a Voice of Authority, complemented our conference themeand we received positive feedback from those who attended your presentation. Attendees found the workshop very informative and appreciated the audience participation. You are a skilled speaker!” Kori Soltz and Elizabeth Yossem-Guy, Co-Vice Presidents, UCSB Professional Women’s Association

“Dr. Phillips’ participation in SBWL’s ‘Persuasion and Presentation’ program was one of the key reasons for the program’s success. (She)  possesses a dynamic and engaging speaking style, which was well-received by the program’s audience. From both the feedback I received and my own personal observations, it was evident that Dr. Phillips is passionate about her research on women’s public speaking issues and values the opportunity to share the results of her work with others in an interesting and informative manner.”We would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Phillips to other groups for similar programs.” Rebecca D. Eggeman, Attorney, Past President, Santa Barbara Women Lawyers

“Thank you for participating in the Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee’s Campaign Skills Workshop. The program was a great success. Feedback on all of the presenters and topics was very positive and many women expressed increased interest and enthusiasm in the campaign process.”
Diane J. Bury, Chair, Elections & Appointments Committee and Susan J. Rose, President, Santa Barbara Women’s Political Committee

“Thank you for speaking at our annual Supervisor’s Retreat. Your participation was a major reason that participants evaluated the Retreat as a worthwhile event. We are grateful for your time and expertise.” Kate Karpilow, Ph.D., Executive Director, California Elected Women’s Association for Education and Research

“Your presentation, titled Friendly but Firm Communications by Women on the Job, was quite enlightening, entertaining and enjoyed by all.” Sharon M. Tolar, Member-Program Committee, Women Paralegals Association

“The feedback from all who attended your seminar during the Professional Women’s Networking Week was terrific.” Sheila T. Cluff, Owner, The Oaks at Ojai, Spa Resort for Women