Thank you for participating in the
Women Seen and Heard Virtual Film Festival!

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  1. It’s essential that everyone rent the film and watch it in advance of your meeting. The films should be available via or Netflix.
  2. The Facilitator/Organizer establishes and emails the link for an online meeting.
  3. Everyone should review The Discussion Guide produced for that week’s film.
  4. The Discussion Guide provided will keep things moving if someone facilitates the discussion. Without a single facilitator, the discussion guide acts as a structure to follow to keep things moving. Don’t let anyone dominate!
  5. Individuals might select a question that they like from the guide. After people weigh in with either general reactions, or specific aspects of the film they liked (or didn’t), the discussion can be a “free for all!” That’s where you “follow the breadcrumbs!”
  6. If you know one another’s backgrounds well, the facilitator (or anyone) can ask a specific participant to address a particular question that is relevant to their experience in politics, business, professional life, government, etc.


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  • Download the Discussion Guide Here

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