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Time to Speak Up on Zoom!

Develop Confidence in Your Speaking Skills Using an Online Journal & a Few Friends Are you finding yourself holding back from speaking up at virtual meetings, even when you are bursting with a new idea or critical feedback? The Women Seen and Heard Speaker’s Journal (Anita Perez Ferguson, PhD and Lois Phillips, PhD) provides an opportunity … Read More

Speak Up on St. Valentine’s Day

St Valentine’s Day is when people show their affection for a “significant other” or “others” by sending cards, flowers or chocolates with messages of love. It’s a perfect time to reach out across the miles, and not just to those with whom you are “in love,” but rather, to those you love and cherish. I have … Read More

New Role Models at the Podium: Raising Awareness and Making Waves

As the holidays claim my attention, here’s what I’m thinking, noticing, and asking: 2019 Role Models Emerge from the Impeachment Hearings Women’s Voice: Will we ever get it right? Speaking up to advocate with passionate conviction: If you see a festering problem or an unmet need but don’t speak up, who will? I found it hard … Read More

Express Yourself to the Graduate: Tips and Tools

There are some special occasions, like graduation day, that require us to focus on a single individual with a hearty “hooray!” Given coverage in the press and social media, we’re all aware of the wonderful commencement addresses that are being delivered by celebrities, scholars, writers, politicians, scientists, and CEO’s. These speakers have been in the public eye … Read More

From Candid to Can-Do

So, how does Zithromax generic helps to fight infections of the upper respiratory tract in adults, such as tonsillopharyngitis, acute otitis media, sinusitis? As for clinical efficacy, which is 93-100%, and for the degree of eradication of the pathogen (80-99%), azithromycin, administered by a 3-day course at a dose of 500 mg / day, is not … Read More

Stand Up for a Change

Imagine yourself in a group discussion about a controversial issue. Have you had the self-confidence to take a stand when your opinion was solicited? It’s reasonable to hesitate when you know that people in your particular social group see the world differently. For instance, it can be risky to be candid if your boss has strong … Read More

Stand Up and Speak Up: 7 Tips for Pitching your Big Idea

Dedication: Ruth Bader Ginsburg I think she (Ginsburg) taught me how important it is to not be scared to speak publicly …and to be fearless…. I’ve found public speaking difficult in the past, despite being an actor. That’s something I’ve had to work incredibly hard at. And it was playing Ruth when I finally thought, “Right, … Read More

Seasons Greetings 2018

Happy Holidays to my Blog followers and Women Seen and Heard Facebook friends! WE ARE WOKE! As you know, this has been a time when society is waking up to the power of women’s voices. The #METOO and #TIMESUP phenomena highlighted sexist challenges that women face in the workplace and gathered millions of followers. When women … Read More

The Serious Business of Being Funny: New Ways Women Use Humor to Engage Audiences

Let’s get serious about humor. Being funny is empowering. When women do comedy, they are in charge. But the same holds true for anyone delivering a presentation. Getting your audience to laugh means they are relaxed and open, which isn’t easy during times of great uncertainty when your listeners might well feel overwhelmed and distracted. Once they’re laughing, you … Read More

To Confront or Not to Confront? Speak Truth to Power

Did you see the video of teacher Kristen Mink that went viral? She confronted EPA Director Scott Pruitt in a café, telling him the reasons why she thought he should resign. Two days later, he did. But did she go too far? If you saw the recording of her reading her prepared notes, you likely lost … Read More

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