The Women Seen and Heard Speaker’s Journal provides you with a pathway to empowerment as you explore the past and present and the sources of your reticence to speak up.

The Women Seen and Heard Speaker’s Journal offers a series of prompts in the 12 chapters that will make you think twice about your family history, your role models, and the stories you can tell. Your responses to the prompts are worth exploring with others who have the same or different feelings. The 9 templates in the Appendix will ensure your next presentations are flawless.

When you “lean in together” to achieve mastery of a new skill, you’ll enjoy the power of the pack!  Here are 4 benefits of sharing your Women Seen and Heard Speaker’s Journal entries with friends or colleagues:

  1. Understanding yourself is the starting place for understanding what it takes to become a dynamic speaker. Did your family encourage you to speak up at the dinner table, discussing current events or debating issues? Did you have a role model or mentor, someone who encouraged you to speak up and express yourself? Not everyone had those experiences. But that shouldn’t stop you. Women today realize that dynamic communication skills are essential. What is holding you back? If you don’t speak up to challenge the way things have always been done or to share an innovative idea, who will? The prompts in the journal will increase your awareness regarding your communication style. Your answers are worth sharing with others who also seek self-knowledge and professional development.
  2. Learning how to master public speaking skills in a Speaker’s Club with friends or colleagues is enjoyable. You’ll build trusting relationships while you share your past experiences and feelings about speaking up. Different views can bring enlightenment about how different we are as well as a sense of camaraderie. You’ll discuss why each of you might have avoided opportunities to be on a panel, lead a meeting, or deliver a presentation. After all, people who express themselves well are visible, memorable, and do tend to advance themselves or their projects. You’ll get feedback from others regarding your communication style  from your journal entries as a writer and  as a participant in the discussions. You’ll identify your growing edge. You’ll develop friends for life.
  3. Busy women will appreciate the Women Seen and Heard Speaker’s Journal worksheets and templates that help you to quickly organize presentations. With today’s juggling act and demands to do more with less, it’s tempting to “wing it” and rely on your mental mainframe to deliver a presentation with little preparation. That would be a mistake because gaining credibility as the voice of authority is more complicated for women speakers, specifically because listeners hold women to a higher standard than men. We may be brilliant and tough-minded, but at the same time, we also have to be likable!  The “pitch-perfect” templates are designed to consider the issue of credibility in ensuring an authoritative tone.
  4. Using the WSH Speaker Journal’s Worksheets and Templates allows everyone to gain feedback on an upcoming presentation from trusted allies. All of the women in your Speaker Club have the same goal: to become a dynamic presenter! After completing the Journal and gaining self-knowledge regarding your reticence and your potential, the templates will allow you to quickly design your upcoming presentations. Then you can practice a briefing or pitch presentation within a supportive group of women. Why wait to rely until the “day of” when the feedback is too late. Helpful feedback in advance is the secret sauce in delivering a dynamic presentation.

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