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Delivering A Memorable Toast to the Happy Couple

The lockdown changed everything, including wedding plans for many couples who postponed marriage or opted for a private wedding without family and friends.  After the social constraints of the past 15 months, it is all the more important to ensure that events are flawless, including a memorable toast to the happy couple. If you are asked … Read More

Spring Has Sprung! Time for Some Mental Housecleaning to Get Rid of Dusty and Stale Cliches

A cliché is a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought. For example, “one man’s meat is another man’s poison.” But have you ever given any thought to how cliches reveal gender stereotypes?  When we say that a parent’s gesture is “as tender as a mother’s heart,” does that imply … Read More

Form Your Own Speaker’s Club With an Online Journal

Business photo created by pressfoto – www.freepik.com The Women Seen and Heard Speaker’s Journal provides you with a pathway to empowerment as you explore the past and present and the sources of your reticence to speak up. The Women Seen and Heard Speaker’s Journal offers a series of prompts in the 12 chapters that will make … Read More

Got Zoomitude? Covid Communication Offers Challenges and Opportunities

Video conferencing has replaced the face-to-face social encounters we are all sorely missing these days. Happy hours, birthday parties, classrooms, business meetings, psychotherapy appointments, Mah Jong games, Passover Seders and fitness classes have all moved online so people can feel some sort of “BC” (Before Covid) normalcy. Zoom interactions are our new reality. Attitude is everything … Read More

Why Women Seen and Heard Produced a Virtual Film Fest

Included in this blog post: Why Women Seen and Heard Produced a Virtual Film Fest Produce Your Own Virtual Film Fest Are You Ambitions? Take our AQ (Ambition Quiz) WHY WOMEN SEEN AND HEARD PRODUCED A VIRTUAL FILM FEST When women speak up, are they likable? Is it wise? Let films be your guide. Given the … Read More

Time to Speak Up on Zoom!

Develop Confidence in Your Speaking Skills Using an Online Journal & a Few Friends Are you finding yourself holding back from speaking up at virtual meetings, even when you are bursting with a new idea or critical feedback? The Women Seen and Heard Speaker’s Journal (Anita Perez Ferguson, PhD and Lois Phillips, PhD) provides an opportunity … Read More

In Honor of Women’s History Month: Thank the Women Who Shaped Your History

A lot of older women claim they didn’t have the diverse role models younger women enjoy today, but to be fair, the older generation did grow up reading Louisa May Alcott, Carolyn Keene and learning about Clara Barton and Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell. History books mentioned Amelia Earhart, Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, Eleanor … Read More

Speak Up on St. Valentine’s Day

St Valentine’s Day is when people show their affection for a “significant other” or “others” by sending cards, flowers or chocolates with messages of love. It’s a perfect time to reach out across the miles, and not just to those with whom you are “in love,” but rather, to those you love and cherish. I have … Read More

New Role Models at the Podium: Raising Awareness and Making Waves

As the holidays claim my attention, here’s what I’m thinking, noticing, and asking: 2019 Role Models Emerge from the Impeachment Hearings Women’s Voice: Will we ever get it right? Speaking up to advocate with passionate conviction: If you see a festering problem or an unmet need but don’t speak up, who will? I found it hard … Read More

Get Out the Vote (and Vote!)

So many political issues face each of us as Americans right now that it’s easy to be overwhelmed and disparaging of the entire electoral process. Life today is complicated and uncertain. Amidst all the news coverage about the upcoming Presidential campaigns, you might find yourself wondering, “Will my vote even matter?” The current political environment has … Read More

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